“From Landscape to Mindscape”

A Retrospective CyberExhibition

of works by professional artist
Henri van Bentum


Thanks to the 21st century technology of the Internet, we present the first-ever retrospective of my work.

The goal in mounting this CyberExhibition is to build a bridge of understanding between the two worlds of representational or figurative art, and that of non-objective or abstract, so-called “modern” art.

The paintings in this exhibition represent just a limited selection. They are arranged in chronological order, starting in Holland, 1952 and show the evolution which I call “From Landscape to Mindscape”.

By means of this CyberShow we can trace the transition from landscapes, still life and other figurative work, to my most recent, totally abstract paintings. It is up to you, the viewer, to see and feel this growth. We all have our own life experience, insight and taste.

Most of the works shown in this exhibition are located in private collections in Canada, the USA, Mexico and Europe. However some paintings are for sale and I invite you to contact us by email vanbentum@gmail.com. Enjoy the exhibition!

Henri van Bentum
Victoria, Canada
March , 2006

Please note there is an average of a 20-25% loss of color and hue. In some cases photographs of the paintings have faded. This is because over the 45-year period of my career I've rarely had the means to pay for professional photos (essential in the reproduction of paintings).